About Us

Soundwill Holdings Limited, which has been engaged in the real estate business, is a well-known property developer listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong since 1997 (stock code: 878).

Developing quality properties is our core business, and our portfolio has been bringing us long-term stable income. Building on a strong foundation established over the years, our business reach has expanded into property management.

Since day one, capitalising on a broad spectrum of business experience, we have been committed to the business of merging, consolidating and redeveloping urban properties. It is our active pursuit to rejuvenate old districts so as to alleviate the problem of urban ageing through bringing a new lease of life and colour to these neighbourhoods. Improving the environment and quality of life in this city is what we aim to achieve. Also, we work hard to capture opportunities for projects on properties amalgamation and portfolio investments, as well as to review and renew our business mix in a bid to maximise our investment returns.

Rooted in Hong Kong, our business coverage has been rapidly expanding in Mainland China. Our subsidiary, Soundwill Real Estate (China) Ltd., is mainly involved in the development of mainland properties. As a whole, we are dedicated to strengthening our operations in Hong Kong and expanding our long-term business interests in Mainland China, towards the objective of delivering the best returns to our shareholders and investors.