Mainland Business

Following the opening up of China in recent decades, business opportunities abound on the mainland. In a proactive manner, the professionals in our management team have seized the day to formulate a diversified development strategy. In particular, we have made great achievements in our real estate business in Mainland China.

Going forward, we will carry on our success with a prudent investment approach as we continue to actively look for the right opportunities for our new property investment and development projects.

  • Shan Shui Heng Yuan (山水恆源), a residential project located at No. 12 of Zhu Feng Da Dao of Qian Wu Town, Zhuhai. This project is collaborated and developed by joint venture Shan Shui Hua Chen Property Management Limited (山水花城物業管理有限公司) and Zhuhai City Heng Yuan Electricity Construction Co. Ltd. (恆源電力建設有限公司). This site is targeted to the industrial parks and surrounding world's enterprises, like Flextronics, one of the world's top 500 enterprises, as well as Founder Technology Group (方正科技) and Seagull Group (海鷗衛浴), the well-known enterprises in Mainland.

    With a site area of around 15,000 square metres, Shan Shui Heng Yuan offers 8 blocks, which comprises 247 luxury apartments and 20 street-level shops.

  • Long Feng Chun Xiao (龍鳳春曉), a residential project located at Gang Xia Xi Lu in the centre of Jingan Town, Doumen District, Zhuhai, is next to Doumen Shiyan Secondary School (斗門區實驗中學), a provincial class I secondary school. What is more, the old city in Jingan County is a well-developed district with a full range of community facilities. As such, Long Feng Chun Xiao is definitely a rising star in the residential market in the locality.

    With a site area of around 23,000 square metres, Long Feng Chun Xiao offers a total gross floor area of 50,000 square metres in more than 500 apartments.

  • Grand Capital (譽名都) is a low-density commercial and residential complex located in the centre of activities between the Xinqing Industrial Park and Jingan Town, Doumen, Zhuhai, a neighbouring city of Hong Kong and Macau which plays an important role in the Greater Bay Area. Being next to the industrial park of Flextronics, one of the world's top 500 enterprises and the new administrative centre in western central district, the complex is adjacent to numerous administrative units in the region. In the future, top-class recreational ancillary facilities such as 5-star hotels and yacht wharves will also be developed in the region.

    With a site area of around 39,000 square metres, Grand Capital offers a total gross floor area of around 65,000 square metres, providing 710 plus residential units, 61 plus street-level shops and 502 parking slots.

  • The "Lakeview Bay‧VOGUE" (肇慶‧尚薈海岸) locates at Zi Yun Xin Cheng in Jindu Town, Gaoyao City, a key development project of Zhaoqing under the new city structure “Two shores along one river”. Adjacent to the Yuejiang Bridge, the project site adjoins Centennial Boulevard in the south and the Xijiang River in the north, with Duanzhou District across the river. To arrive at the central business district of Zhaoqing as well as national scenic sites like Seven Star Crags, all it takes is a 5 minute ride, benefited from the completion of Yuejiang Bridge. The expressways nearby including S8, G80 and G94 which run through Guangzhou and Foshan allow quick access to external areas.

    The "Lakeview Bay‧VOGUE" project occupies a total site area of around 63,000 square metres. The construction area totals 97,000 square metres, consists of 55,000 square metres of high rise residences, 4,400 square metres of multi-story apartment buildings, 26,000 square metres of villa residences, 1,000 square metres of commercial facilities and 413 car parking spaces.